Dideep 0.5L Scuba Diving Cylinder Kit



1. The 0.5L oxygen cylinder allows the diver to stay 1-10 meters
underwater for 5-12 minutes (depending on individual lung capacity and depth of diving), perfect for beginners.
2. Supports 3 types of inflation: Manual high-pressure Inflatable pump, aqualung switch, electric inflator.(Inflator pump is not included)
3. Uses 6061T6 aluminum material and meets the manufacturing standards for diving equipment.
4. Comes with a pressure gauge to show how much air is in the diving tank.
5. Fitted with an ergonomic silicone mouthpiece.
6. Press and hold the top to vent the pressure inside the bottle.
7. Lightweight and portable design, it can be taken on board after twisting the breathing valve.
Breathing Oxygen Cylinder
Capacity: 0.5L
Material: Aviation Aluminum
Oxygen cylinder weight: 1300g
Maximum Capacity:3.0 Cu.Ft / 85 Litters
Length: 13.4" / 34 cm
Diameter: 2.25" / 5.7 cm
Maximum Pressure: 3000PSI / 200BAR / 20MPA
Surface Breaths: 57
Max. dwell time underwater: 12mins
Pumping time:7-10min

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