Small 0.5L Oxygen Dive Tank with 5-10 Minutes Capability




Small 0.5L oxygen dive tank is a must-have in every diver’s gear bag. We have created 0.5L oxygen dive tank with 5-10 minutes capability to allow everyone to breathe normally underwater for several minutes regardless of the application and be able to fill himself his own breath system.


Small 0.5L dive tank is not limited to shallow diving. For self-rescue, you simply switch to your pony bottle and you are completely self-sufficient, as you make your ascent to the surface. A pony bottle scuba tank is the only true redundant breathing mechanism you can completely rely on.

Ergonomic and Durable mouthpiece

The silicone mouthpiece is very durable and no matter how you bite, it would renew as before. In case of emergency, you simply bite the mouthpiece and can get your air source directly.

Pressure& Corrosion Resistant Material

Steel better resists internal corrosion and stands up well to damage. Make sure you are prepared for your next dive with one of our air tanks made from durable steel.

Easy to Travel With!

Take this small dive tank on any airplane to your dream vacation. When you’re on the go, it’s important to take the scuba equipment that’s reliable and easy to bring along. Our scuba dive tank a good choice.

Refill Your Bailout Pony Bottle

1. A special high-pressure hand pump very simply to use can fill entirely the tank anywhere you are

2. Another classic scuba tank (need a little adapter called "filling station" to transfer the air)

3. A mini electric compressor can save trouble.

What’s in the package

1 x small dive air tank with a mouthpiece

1 x User Manual



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