• Fun for my son. He bought this along with a high pressure pump and is enjoying diving for several minutes at a time. Holding up well to a 12 year old abuses and does not leave at all.

    Christina Longley

  • Great quality, good instructions and good seals. Outstanding. Pressure gage is good, seals good and pumping this up with the hand pump took approximately 30 minutes. So far so good, holding pressure. I plan on testing how long it lasts next and will update then. I need to repeat some of this multiple times first.

    Jason Silva

  • I love this little pony bottle! I hopefully will never have to use it, but I have been practicing with it. It is a very nice feeling to have that little bit of extra air just in case.
    It fills very easy from your main tank, and I have attached it to the bottom of my BC. There is a little 'drag' when breathing but not too bad. I get about 5--7 minutes out of it in the pool.

    James Durm